Badger Cull and what you can do
25th September 2020

You know during this tough period of our lives I have said so many times that it is heartening how we are all connecting to nature and it truly is. There is no doubt in my mind that nature is such a defining factor to all our mental health, just a walk under some trees can make all the difference to a mood. It's relaxing. So for me nature is a vital part of my everyday life and we must do everything we can to protect and nurture it.

Unfortunately that is not the case right now in the UK. The merciless #badgercull is continuing unabated in the UK and 1000's of these beautiful animals are being destroyed. Shot. It's barbaric and needless. Just like trophy hunting this wanton destruction of our native wildlife is sick and we need to do everything in our power to stop it. How can we talk about #rewilding so much when we destroy what we already have? It just doesn't add up.

We all understand the arguments about badgers and TB, we may not agree with the science but we need to understand both sides and make a balanced response. Slaughtering the population of badgers in such a cruel and heartless way is not the way that compassionate human beings behave. Vaccination is the key, yes it's tougher and more expensive but surely anything that preserves our wildlife rather than wiping it off the planet is good? Maybe I just love animals too much and I have worked closely with badgers for 30 years so clearly I am passionate and care for them so much. 

Rhetoric and Facebook comments do nothing. No point in just mouthing off against Boris or the government, we are small voices and they are not interested in listening. Action as a group is the only thing that works here. So please don't write a long comment on social media on how bad it is, just take 30 seconds of your day to click on this link Badger Trust and support their amazing work. They are the central fight against this, being the voice for lots of volunteers who are out there now trying to stop this barbarism. They are the only chance we will get listened to.

So please please support them, sign stuff, join them, buy the t-shirt it doesn't matter, whatever you do it's great if you care enough to click the links and support an organisation is that genuinely making a difference. 

And before you ask, as people always will, I am supporting them too. Our conservation donation from the Winter Olympus / @Wildmanrouse conference (just announced to Wild Bunch members and previous attendees right now ) is supporting the Badger Trust so we could give them some good wedge that they I know they will use well. 

We have to fight for our native wildlife and whilst we are all small voices, together we can always make a difference. We have to try.


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