Pro Capture eBook

Just released is our stunning new Pro Capture eBook which is packed with all of Andy's experience from using it in the field. It contains everything you need to know, presented in a very approachable format with inspiring pictures throughout. Starting with when to use Pro Capture, and when not, it moves into detailed setups, shooting strategies and then an extensive hints & tips section rounded off with some case studies from the field.


Expeditions and Tours

We have just announced our initial program of tours and expeditions into 2025 which include Safaris and Mountain Gorilla trekking. All of our tours are lead by professional photo guides with top quality logistics and accommodation throughout. We are not cheap operators, we provide a totally quality service for all of our clients. Follow the link below for details of expeditions available so far and more to come as well. 

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WildBunch and OM Club

Our amazing new online community on Patreon hosts our Creature Features , WildBunch and WildBunch OMSystem channels. Podcasts, videos, camera help, online chats, challenges, workflow and a lot of exclusive fun content. Delivered straight to your device and you can interact with us in a safe space environment where everyone is welcome and equal. Follow the link, choose a 7 day free trial and we suggest a Combi membership.

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Talking Tech Podcast

We produce two regular podcasts for our Patreon members, one more on animals and what we do in our lifestyle and the second is more tech based. This month however we looked at the issues facing women with their wildlife photography, which has proved very very popular with our members. Click on the link below to get a 30 second preview and maybe consider joining us on Patreon to hear them all!

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Awesome Flexshooter heads

Check out the amazing FlexShooter kit including heads that will hold your lens perfectly in place, no creep, no droop, no compromise on stability and no need to lock it up. For lenses big and small, weighing only 600g, why use a head that is always a compromise rather than our superb heads that do everything that is asked of them. Good stocks now so order today and start to love your Flexshooter head!

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