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Born to Run e-Talk

When:12th June 2020
Workshop leader: Andy Rouse,
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Born to Run e-Talk with @wildmanrouse

An inspiring, fun and downright cool chat from the master of the tall wildlife story!

Want to learn more about the awesome Cheetah

See incredible pictures, hear tall stories and fun chat?

Well pro wildlife photographer @wildmanrouse can tell you...from experience! 

£5 from every ticket will be donated to the new Kenya Community Wildlife Fund

Time 8pm on Friday 12th June at a settee near you!

In his words "I am told I am a natural showman. Actually I am naturally self deprecating and introverted but put me on a stage and I come alive. I'm great at telling stories, I love it. Yeah I'm still a cockney with dodgy humour but I can spin a good yarn and bring my experiences to life. I chatted up a traffic warden once to avoid a ticket. I've the gift of the gab and love, love, love inspiring others to love nature as I do. My theatre talks are always well attended as people know they will get a good night out. I don't have a posh accent, don't have a degree in Zoology but like the best naturalists I have learnt what I know the hard way and am passionate about it."

Born to Run e-talk

This e-Talk focusses on @wildfmanrouse's long time love and experiences working with Cheetahs. For his first Cheetah book he spent a total of 6 weeks following one amazing Cheetah called Amber and since then he has worked with many different Cheetah families. He's had them fall asleep under his car, climb on his roof and watched as they continue their daily struggle for life. Yeah they are born to run and known for their incredible speed, but they are so much more than just speed merchants. 

The e-talk is a mixture of fun anecdotes, stories and inspiring chat for animal lovers and photographers alike...backed up by astounding pictures from his 22 year professional career working with Cheetahs. The main talk is approximately 1 hour but Andy will add in some surprises so expect an 80 minute run time.

How does an e-talk work?

@wildmanrouse is used to giving his talks in theatres around the UK and Europe. Unfortunately due to the social distancing measures currently in place such gatherings are, for now, a thing of the past.

So our e-Talk program was born.

Who had heard of Zoom before this crisis? Very few that's for sure, well now it's as much part of our lives as HP Sauce!

So our e-Talks are based on the Zoom platform. We will give you a date, a time and a link. For security you will be admitted into a waiting room, whilst we verify you and @wildmanrouse combs the three hairs remaining on his head. 

Then the talk will begin. We are very experienced at running Zoom e-Talks and webinars now and know what works...and what doesn't. So you will be required to switch off your video so you can see us but we cannot see you (but we can hear you). During the talk you will see @wildmanrouse in a small window (you can minimise this!!) and see his awesome images full sized in all their glory!

At the end of the e-Talk @wildmanrouse will stop sharing his screen, will start the Chat function and will take questions from you about animals or photography. And hopefully you can all turn your videos on as well!!

Because of broadband bandwidth limitations (not ours) we will not show movies during the talk. Instead we will show them right at the end.

The talk is scheduled to run for one hour but he likes to tell stories so expect more!!! Alcohol is advised!

Community Wildlife Fund

The new Kenya Community Wildlife Fund is an initiative by safari operators in Kenya during Covid-19. This project will allow for re-hiring guides, using their vehicles to enter the parks as "anti-poaching surveillance units" in order to reinforce the efforts of the reduced ranger presence. In addition to monitoring the parks, the guides will deliver the most important food items to the villages (maize meal, lentils, rice, sugar, tea leaves, milk and soaps/ sanitizers) which will assist them with the most important and immediate needs. Most Kenyan communities eat little meat. These food packages cost around £25 and can last a family of five for two weeks. 

We will directly donate £5 from every ticket to this great cause and will make the donation public on social media.

Booking your place

So you wanna come to the e-Talk? Awesome it's easy.

Simply Add to the Cart above and follow the instructions, it's a secure payment site. 

You will receive confirmation of your payment and then emails with details of the e-Talk several days before the event. 


1) Please be extremely careful when typing in your email address in the store, the reason most people do not receive confirmations from us is that they give us an incorrect email address.

2) If you DO NOT receive a confirmation email within a day of booking then please contact us immediately so that we can check which email you used in the store. 

3) if you HAVE NOT received any details 24 hours before the talk then please contact us as above so that we can send you them, please do not leave it until an hour beforehand to do it as we may be too busy drinking in the green room (aka the kitchen) to see your email.

Requirements - You do not need to have Zoom installed, but they have a free version which is cool. You can use a phone to access the webinar too but for the best experience we suggest using a laptop or your TV with Zoom. You only need to buy one ticket per household. 

Places are strictly limited to a maximum of 100 tickets.

Thanks in advance for your support!

All bookings are non refundable, that is our company policy. If for any reason the e-Talk cannot take place, or something catastrophic happens during it (like he tells a joke that's actually funny) then we will reschedule for another date. Such is the new world of technology.

Career and Lifestyle

@wildmanrouse is a professional wildlife photographer, Olympus shooter and Content Creator. Via his @wildmanrouse social media channels he inspires photographers and animal huggers worldwide with his spectacular imagery and passion for all things nature. He has won 28 awards in all the major International competitions and was the first recipient of the Royal Geographical Societies Cherry Kearton award for services to wildlife photography. He is the author of 21 books to date, all have a conservation bias and raise funds and awareness for species and projects worldwide. He latest was on a 4 year work of passion on the life of one amazing tigress called Noor.

Building a lifestyle - From corporate beginnings he has forged a lifestyle that revolves around his two passions, wildlife and photography. He has learnt to deal with demons in his life, some of which will be familiar to all, and has thrived because of this determination to succeed. 

Sink or swim - During lockdown he has thrived, starting a new YouTube channel, appearing several times on Chris Packham's morning nature show and starting a webinar series that is sold out for May and June (new dates added for July). Aside from that he has used the time to inspire others with the nature accessible local to everyone during lockdown. As a director of his company he is not eligible for any government assistance so instead he decided to make his own path through the lockdown and keep positive and motivated throughout.

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