Working with Light - June 2020 - Module 5

Rounding off the creative side of this webinar we look at a final set of skills to add to your creative toolkit. so that you can take advantage of any situation.

When:14th June 2020
Workshop leader: Andy Rouse,
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Module 5 - Extra Skills

Overview - Rounding off the creative side of this webinar we look at a final set of skills to add to your creative toolkit. so that you can take advantage of any situation.

Details - This module looks at the benefits of taking a wider view with your photography, the techniques and compositions for creating atmospheric images in inclement weather (rain, snow, storms etc),taking abstract images and finally shooting in Monochrome and Infra Red.

Time - The webinar starts at 3PM BST but you must be signed in 15 minutes before as it will be closed at 3PM exactly and no entry can be permitted after that. Full details will be sent closer to the time. 

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