Little Owl Big Heart
13th September 2015

I have always had a special affinity with Little Owls. I am not sure if it's their comical nature, willingness to pose for my camera or just the fact that they are relatively easy to see, but I always look forward to photographing them. The point of this BLOG is to tell you about an exciting new conservation initiative called the UK Little Owl Project run by Dr Emily Joachim. But first here's a few of my favourite images to show you why they are so loveable!

They have given me so much pleasure over the years but they are in trouble. Like many of our species they are declining but unlike most they are not given any attention by the major UK conservation bodies because they are seen as an introduced species. Whilst it is true that they were re-introduced a few hundred years ago, they were here originally, so I always think that this logic is flawed. So for the past few years I have had the pleasure of working with, and supporting, Dr Emily Joachim. She's a young conservationist who is really passionate about the Little Owl and did her Ph.D on them with Reading University. In my view we need to support young conservationists, especially when they are single handedly fighting the fight to conserve one of our most iconic and easily seen species. So she has started a wonderful new project that we need your help with....

The UK Little Owl Project

Emily has just launched the UK Little Owl Project as a central resource for Little Owl conservation. Central to this she is asking for your help with the UK's first Little Owl survey. The purpose is to build a sightings map to see the distribution and the type of habitat that they typically inhabit. Lots of us know about Little Owls but this information is rarely shared, until now!

So click here to take a look at the website and show Emily your support today. We all need to work together to save the amazing Little Owl, it's so worth it. 

Supporting Emily

I have supported Emily's work for the past few years. When she was undertaking her Ph.D my Aspira Fund, which is in partnership with Paramo Directional Clothing, part funded each year of this for her.

The Little Owl Project website cost money to develop, especially the complex Google Maps application. My business paid for this for her, partly from sales of the Little Owl book, and we host the site on our server.

Now Emily is operating on a shoestring budget, which is why I have been so keen to help her all along. And this continues to this day. So here's what I am going to do. My Little Owl book, the cover of which is shown opposite, retails from my website for £25. I will donate £10 from every sale to the UK Little Owl Project.

Simply click here to buy your today and I will make the donation for each one. It's simple conservation in action and we both say thanks in advance for all your support.


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