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UniqBall - The world's only leveling ball head

TIPA Best Accessory winner 2015

UniqBall is a revolutionary new type of ball head, combining all the attributes of a traditional ball head, a gimbal head, a pan & tilt head and a fluid head. It has all of the great advantages of these established heads but without any of the drawbacks. UniqBall's amazing design combines two ball heads into one unit. The outer ball can act as a conventional ball head, or most importantly, act as a levelling base for the inner ball (which than acts as a levelled pan & tilt head). As it's made from modern alloys and using modern manufacturing techniques, it has perfect friction to allow smooth movement for even the biggest telephoto lens. One minute you can shooting extreme action photography, the next UniqBall will let you shoot perfectly level landscapes or function as a traditional ball head for those difficult to reach macro shots. It sounds simple because it is simple, UniqBall solves all of the traditional problems associated with trying to find one head to do everything. It truly can, check this video out!

I believe in UniqBall

I have used UniqBall right from the beginning when it was just at the prototype stage. I saw the potential that it had for my photography, I believed in it and have used nothing else since. It has travelled to India, Antarctica, South Georgia, Kenya, Madagascar, China and all over the UK. It's never let me down, it just works and does it's job without fuss. Here's a few reasons why I love my UniqBall.....



I used to take two tripod heads abroad with me, a Gimbal for the big lens and a ball head for wide angle photography. Now I just take a UniqBall. I love the fact that I only need one tripod head to shoot with all my lenses from a 10mm to a 500mm. 

No more wasted time, when the situation changes I can mount either a long lens or a dslr with a wide-angle in seconds. A few twiddles and it's level, a quick twist of the tension knob and it won't flop. It's the most flexible tripod head around today.


Level Horizons / Water

I am rubbish at keeping the horizon straight. 10 seconds adjustment of UniqBall means that wherever I move the tripod head, the image stays level. So I can shoot without restraint, knowing that my images will be level. Especially on water as you see above.

Cynics will say of course that you can just level them in Photoshop, sure you can, but in doing so you crop off important bits of the image. I'd rather shoot the image as I want it and have the total image to play with, that is the beauty of UniqBall.



I travel a lot, usually yes to run from the tax authorities, but sometimes for my photography. Carrying a huge heavy gimbal doesn't make sense these days with airline restrictions, my large UniqBall is compact, robust and only weight 0.7KG. The small one is only 0.5kg, that's the lightest kit in my bag.

Here you can see it packed away in my fstop ICU. It's light enough to take on board the plane with me, no more packing in old sweaty socks in my hold baggage and praying it survives the journey.

Long Lenses and UniqBall

One of the most common questions I am asked is whether the UniqBall is designed for long lenses. The simple answer is yes, as long as you are aware of the centre of gravity of your lens, you can set it so that it is well balanced and does not flop forwards easily. Owing to its clever design the UniqBall cannot flop sideways, only forwards if you have not set it at the perfect centre of balance. 

I trust the UniqBall in all situations with a long lens but it really comes into it's own with low light action photography like you see here. Once you get used to setting it up then you can pan very smoothly indeed, following motion without any jerky movements that could cause camera shake and ruin the image. 

The new UBH45XC ballhead with X-cross clamp is perfect for sliding in a long lens foot, I use a Wimberley replacement foot as I can move it backwards and forwards to get the centre of gravity.

UniqBall goes to India

On assignment in India shooting tigers, here you can see me using UniqBall in the vehicle....

Big or small.....matron?

So you wanna get a UniqBall but are confused by the two sizes and what the main differences are? Well look no further my old fruit....



UBH45XC is the flagship model and the larger of the two. It's 0.7KG in weight and is built to withstand the prolonged weight of a 600mm lens. 

The best thing about the 45XC is the new X-cross clamp head. This allows you to either mount a lens foot or dslr without any adaptors other than your Arca Swiss plate.

This my goto head and I recommend it to everyone due to its load bearing capability of 40KG and the superb new X-cross head.



UBH35X is a smaller head which weighs 0.5KG. It was primarily designed for the landscape photographer but can take a load upto 15KG. 

With this head you cannot get the new X-cross clamp so if you want to mount a DSLR directly onto it you must use the supplied adaptor. 

This head is used primarily for small lenses and travel. It is only 1cm shorter and 12mm less diameter than the 45XC.

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